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Central Bank Current Key
Interest Rate
Date of Change Next Meeting
US Federal Reserve 1.25% +25bp 30-Jun-04 10-Aug-04
Bank of England 4.50% +25bp 10-Jun-04 07-Jul-04
European Central Bank 2.00% -50bp 06-Jun-03 23-Jul-04
Reserve Bank of
5.25% +25bp 03-Dec-03 07-Jul-04
Reserve Bank of New Zealand 5.75% +25bp 10-Jun-04 29-Jul-04
Bank of Canada 2.00% -25bp 10-Jun-04 20-Jul-04
Riksbank (Sweden) 2.00% -50bp 01-Apr-04 20-Aug-04
Norges Bank (Norway) 1.75% -25bp 11-Mar-04 11-Aug-04
Swiss National Bank *3m Libor Range 0.00-1.00% 18-Jun-04 n/a
Bank of Japan *O/N call rate target effectively 0% n/a n/a